About Us



Children are explorers. They are adventurous and use their imaginations to investigate the world. This exploration is an essential part of their development – but it can lead to scraped knees, injuries and, potentially, dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, most household first aid kits are too generic and tend to carry items that people do not know how to use.

Enter Me4Kidz, a range of award-winning products that are innovative, fun and kid-friendly. 

These beautifully branded products are essential to every family and make excellent gifts for baby showers, new parents or for moms and dads of adventurous tots. The range delivers the essential on-the-go first aid kit, with items conveniently packaged and carefully organised, making them ideal for travel, road trips, or home use.

Trust our kid-friendly health and safety products to effectively prepare you to deal with accidents as and when they happen.

Clean it, fix it and back to play!