Medibag First Aid Kit

Medibag First Aid Kit

  • R 399.99


A fun one-of-a-kind collectable Doctor's bag designed first aid kit. 

Great for a birthday or baby shower gift.

Everyone should have one in their car and especially at home to keep your kids armed for the basic first aid needs when at home or away. 

Space on the front of the kit to personalise with your family or child's name. 

The kits are made of durable, recycled plastic so after it's all empty it can be used for all kinds of fun things.

117 item first aid kit for kids and the entire FAMILY too! Kit includes:

(12)  Assorted kid-friendly bandages
(12)  3” sheer bandages
(12) 1 ½ “ junior bandages
(2)   2 X 3” knee and elbow bandages
(2)   Fingertip bandages
(4)   Spot bandages
(6)   3’X 3” gauze pads
(6)   2”X2” gauze pads
(20) Sting-free antiseptic wipes
(2)   Hand sanitizers
(1)   Burn relief cream
(1)   Sting relief cream
(2)   Antibiotic ointments
(1)   Tweezer
(10) 3” cotton tip applicator swabs
(1)   Instant ice pack
(20) Kid-friendly fun stickers
(1)   Doctor’s bag organized case
(1)   Emergency family information label
(1)   Refill card offer